PRTC welcomes Kentucky Sports Radio


PRTC television viewers can now enjoy the (unofficial) voices and antics of University of Kentucky sports. Every day on channels 209 and 409, catch the show that defines Wildcats sports.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Shannon “The Dude” Grigsby recently chatted with The PRTC Connection:

Q: For people who are unfamiliar with KSR, what can they expect?
A: Although the core focus of the show is University of Kentucky sports, we venture into topics ranging from pop culture, to the latest bizarre stories in the news, and to everything in between. If nothing else, KSR will entertain you.

Q: What’s the mission of Kentucky Sports Radio: booster, critic or journalist?
A: The mission of KSR is to bring fans the latest UK sports news in the most ridiculous manner possible. We don’t want to just tell you the news, we want to tell you the news while jumping out of airplanes, riding horses and plunging into lakes, which, by the way, have all happened at live, remote shows.

Q: What’s the best part of the job?
A: To me the best part of the job is when we hear about how our show has helped someone get through a tough time and helped change someone’s life. We had a guy who started walking every day to try to get back in shape, and he would listen to the KSR podcast. He said it took his mind off exercising, and it made it easier for him to get through his workout. He was able to drop a lot of weight and it transformed his life. He credited it to, in part, KSR. To me, there’s nothing better than those types of stories.

Q: To be clear, this is UK radio — not a statewide sports channel that might include that other school to the west, right?
A: Yes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t mention little brother and everyone else. We will talk about topics involving other schools, but the show’s focus is on what is happening in Lexington.
It’s a lot of fun to do the show in a state with big rivals. There is a select group of KSR listeners who hate UK, but they love the show. We like to have fun with it and mix it up with everyone.

Q: What’s the one thing about UK sports that deserves more attention?
A: What I think deserves more attention at UK is the baseball team. They’ve put together some very good teams recently, but Kentucky is a basketball state first and a football state second. Everything after that always seems to get lost in the shuffle.

Q: Finally, what is one thing viewers and listeners should pay attention to when it comes to the basketball team?
A: I think people should pay attention to how well, and how quickly, this team is able to gel. They once again have the talent to win another championship, but they’ll need to play completely selfless basketball to bring home No. 9.

(All photos courtesy of University of Kentucky Athletics.)