Recycle your old PRTC phone books!

Collect old directories and earn money for local schools!

New phone directories will be in your mailbox soon. When you receive it, don’t just throw away your old one. Recycle it and help area schools earn money.

PRTC sponsors a directory recycling program that helps keep thousands of old phone books from making their way into landfills. Instead, they are recycled into products such as roofing material, packing material, insulation and even new phone books. What’s more, PRTC pays participating schools 25 cents for each 2014 or older phone directory. Other phone books are accepted, but only PRTC directories earn cash for your school. The schools can use this money toward anything they need.

Everyone can pitch in to help. Gather old PRTC directories from your home and business and give them to a student or take them to the school of your choice. Let’s make this the largest phone book recycling effort ever!

Hurry, the last day to turn in phone books to your school is April 30!

For more information call 606-287-7101 or 606-593-5000.